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Alcohol & Drug Initiatives

Idea Engineering has a strong background in working alcohol & drug initiatives. For over a decade, IE has provided solutions that seek to enter into a thoughtful dialogue with the intended recipient and so encourage thoughtful behavior. 

Mapping Marijuana

Law enforcement, government representatives, city planners, councils… the list of agencies suffering under confusion around marijuana issues is long. Working with our client, Ventura County Behavioral Health, Alcohol & Drug Programs, IE created “Mapping Marijuana” which offers an easy to understand, graphical-based information system to show the various effects and considerations around the legalization of marijuana.

Be the DD

Marketing efforts for preventing DUI often fail to speak directly to the people being targeted. For Ventura County Behavioral Health, Alcohol & Drug Programs, Idea Engineering took a pragmatic approach by creating a campaign for multiple target markets that speak to these people in languages and styles that they are accustomed to. We worked to be sensitive to cultural norms & values. (See Language & Culture.)

One example is the “Be the DD” campaign that uses a targeted approach to reach young adults, an authority-averse group. The “Be the DD” campaign made heroes of designated drivers. Incentives and prizes publicly rewarded DDs, shifting the perception of the social value of being the designated driver. Print and online ads, signage, and on-site materials promoted the campaign in bars and restaurants.


Don't Get a WEEDUI

The challenge is both to discourage driving while under the influence of marijuana and to explain that it really is illegal. This innovative multimedia campaign is running in both English and Spanish.



Know Before You Go

The blowBAC booth is another step in the targeted prevention of DUI in Ventura County. It allows drivers to have the information they need to make good choices. If drivers know with certitude that they are over the legal limit or approaching it, they are less likely to get behind the wheel.

The blowBAC booth provides free, private, anonymous readings of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) behind a privacy curtain. The portable booth is placed on the way between bars or other drinking establishments and parking facilities, allowing customers to make informed decisions as to whether they are fit to drive. When a driver exits the booth, they see a sign that reminds them to “make good choices.” Cabs are stationed nearby for those who decide not to drive.