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What is a brand anyways?

So many companies fail to explain, even to themselves, who they are. And this is a huge hindrance to earnings, customer relations, hiring and employee retention. When you have a brand problem, everything is harder.

When asked to define a brand in its simplest terms, we say it’s the answer to the question: “what do people think of, when they think about me?” No matter what the actual truth is about your company (or you!), if people think you suck, you suck. At least to them. And more importantly, their wallets.

The work we do for our clients first finds out what people think of you now. And we compare that to what an optimal brand for your company can be; should be. We write a brand story that positions you to best engage those that would like to be your customers, donors, employees, partners. And, if there is a large gap between where you are now and where you need to be, we plan a way to get you there. It may be just perception; it may be other issues, but we identify the components and collaborate with you to traverse the path to your perfect brand space. And then we help you stay there.

We’ve worked with a lot of great companies. Let’s talk about where you want to go.

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