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The Thing About Logos

An important concept to remember with logos is that it is not the job of a logo to tell a story, it’s the job of a logo to fit comfortably inside the brand. When you ask too much of a logo, it can very easily become a graphic statement of confusion. We’ll make your logo a smooth on-ramp to your brand. 

Here are some that we’ve created.

Sansum Clinic See more >
The Home Depot Foundation
Sustainable Cities Institute
Clients: The Home Depot Foundation,
National League of Cities
Raffa, P.C. See more >
UC Santa Barbara
Chemical Engineering
UC Santa Barbara
The Institute for Energy Efficiency
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Barbara
Ventura County Health Care Agency
Brand Identity System
See more >
Wellness Every Day See more >
Mapping Marijuana
Pax Mondial
Levine Music See more >
Women's Economic Ventures
Ladies America
Partners in Education See more >
CenCal Health
Naming & Branding
Hazmat Media Inc.
Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness