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Sansum Clinic

Sansum Clinic asked IE to help educate the community that Sansum serves about exactly what Sansum Clinic is and what it offers.


Sansum’s previous website, like those of many health-care providers, was a partly-modifiable off-the-shelf “solution” that had made its compromises and limitations felt.  Sansum asked IE to build a next-generation site worthy of a forward-thinking, innovative healthcare provider. See it at

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Sansum Clinic

Your health. Simplified.

To shine a light on the breadth of Sansum Clinic’s offerings and make a point of specific differentiators and specialties, IE developed a campaign of “one word” ads that created wordplay around a specific accolade.

This campaign received a 2016 Gold Aster Award for Excellence in Medical Marketing.





Good Health Magazine

Many organizations make the mistake of publishing a newsletter that repeatedly pushes an “us” based narrative. Such newsletters quickly become uninteresting to customers. IE was asked to re-imagine a newsletter for Sansum. We developed Good Health magazine. The magazine is “you”-based. It is filled with features that patients of Sansum have repeatedly reported as interesting and informative. Whereas the old newsletter was poorly read and it was difficult to rustle-up staff interest in contributions, Good Health often receives requests for additional copies and there is a waiting list for contributors!




IE was asked to help boost sign-up for the Electronic Health Record associated patient communications portal, called MyChart. Sign-ups had slowed at a number less than the original goal.

IE wrote two spots that light-heartedly pointed out the efficiencies and usefulness of the MyChart app and web app. Once running, the ads caused an immediate spike in uptake and the goals of sign-ups for MyChart were met.